The main objective is the real market value of the property and for this we provide an accurate assessment basing ourselves first of all on criteria such as market value and profitability value.
The assessment of the property is borne by the seller in case of non-formalization of the sales order otherwise it is to be considered completely free.

Reports and Statistics

Every month we contact all our sales people customers so we can update them on requests and on advertising reports.

Property Acquisition

Our working method is based on some phases that are fundamental for a good publicity of a property.
First we make an inspection at the property to verify the status and location, during the visit we ask customers sellers to provide all the necessary documentation to better publicize the property.
Then we draw up the complete report of the property both in Italian and English, the photographic report carried out by one of our professionals, verification of property from both the land registry and urban and finally publicity of the property on the main portals both national and international.